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Come walk a dog

Dear Editor:

Thank you to all the retired sled dogs at the Aspen Animal Shelter who did not give up on me. They still wag their tails when I come to see them, they have names, character, determination, kindness, willingness to learn and most of all just happy to be with me ” or anybody.

I have loved all the 290 dogs at Krabloonik for 23 years now. Doing what I can, supporting, standing up and speaking my voice for them alone and sometimes with friends. While being out on walks with these amazing survivors, I think of the other 280 dogs that are there still waiting for hope, waiting for improved conditions or for an end to the current dysfunction. The previous negotiations and resulting plea bargains and agreements currently in place are under my watchful eye along with the other 5,000 supporters who signed that petition in August.

In the meantime, I choose to spend my precious time and energy with the dogs until the Voices of Krabloonik decides what to do next. Every day I marvel at how smart, strong, kind, gentle and absolutely sweet dogs they all are. I have lost a couple of pounds, gained new friends at the shelter, discovered a whole new world of what a “working dog” really is.

Thank you to Seth, Anne, Emiglio, Alex and all the other fine women and men who give love and time to these special dogs every day at the shelter. I urge all of the Voices for Krabloonik supporters to come spend some of your time, as well, walking the dogs, knowing their personalities and watching them grow as I have. The gift of time and love is always affordable and welcome. Come be with them all, it is so rewarding.

Lara Lewis

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