Come together in Basalt |

Come together in Basalt

Lynn Nichols

The Basalt Regional Library is asking its citizens for their ideas regarding a new library.

This discussion has a long history and much has been learned along the way. The library board has arranged for a series of small group discussions to be held in residents’ homes throughout the district over the next month so that everyone can have input about the new library’s vision, program, location, size and cost.

Recently, one of these meetings was held at my house. Eight people plus a facilitator gave 90 minutes of their time to discuss all the possibilities for what we can create for our community and for our children.

Hearing the variety of opinions, ideas and creative problem-solving was confirmation that we, as a far-flung community, can come together and build a library that stands as the centerpiece for its citizens. I encourage you to attend these meeting and speak up. Ninety minutes of your time now can create a library that should be the shining star of our mountain community.

I also want to thank the library board for giving its citizens this opportunity to partner with them to find exciting and workable solutions that everyone can vote for.


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