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Come together

Dear Editor:

Two wrongs don’t make it right.

Last Tuesday I joined many concerned people at an open forum at Dos Gringos in Carbondale – thanks for their generosity in allowing us to use their business.

I was there for three hours and was very disappointed. I heard many people speaking very passionately about their beliefs “for” and “against” the Hidden Gems proposal. And yet I couldn’t help but hear beyond what they were verbalizing, and I heard the exact same thing from everyone – me, me, me.

The Hidden Gems brought its close-the-land-to-everyone mentality, while multiusers maintained “we want the land open for our pleasure and enjoyment.”

Both sides want one thing for sure, and that is a healthy forest to be enjoyed by many generations to come. And it’s obvious that both sides aren’t budging much. Wouldn’t it be great if we could work together, side by side, and come up with better solutions? Yeah, maybe I’m dreaming, but a positive attitude and hope for better things to come brings positive outcome and change.

So now what? Instead of pointing fingers, take charge and ask yourself, “What can I do?” Wilderness Workshop people have every right to submit their proposal. Does that make it right? I can’t say that I agree with it entirely, or that I think they are being totally fair in their way to go about it.

What is my right? Take action, join a club or group of people who can teach and educate others and generations to become better stewardship of the land. Come on, we all know it’s true that “what we don’t care for gets lost forever.” So please, if you were some of the ones who were so passionate about your beliefs the other night, use your right to speak out and fight back by spreading the facts with your neighbors and by writing your elected officials. The government works if we use it.

I can’t do this alone but with your help we can make a difference. It may not be the outcome you think should happen, but keep your mind open to change for the better. Our forests deserve it.

Jennifer Isenhart

New Castle

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