Come support KDNK, free airwavesDear Editor: |

Come support KDNK, free airwavesDear Editor:

Two-hundred and twenty-eight years ago, a bold group of men pledged “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” in the creation of our democracy. Their very signing of our Declaration of Independence was an act of treason. Had any of them been captured by British soldiers, they would have been drawn and quartered, their internal organs removed from their bodies while still alive. Gruesome, yes, but I share this in remembrance of their immense vision and sacrifice, and the sacrifices of countless other brave citizens over the years to preserve and evolve our precious democracy.Thomas Jefferson cautioned that our democracy is founded on the necessity of an informed and active citizenry. A free and public media is absolutely crucial to that end. As a professional grass-roots organizer and leadership trainer, I experience daily the challenge that citizens encounter in keeping themselves informed adequately in order to participate effectively in their own self-governance. And as the vice president of KDNK’s board of directors, I am committed to sustaining the vital civic asset that we have in KDNK.This Sunday, July 11, we all have the opportunity to join in sustaining the free airwaves of KDNK at a benefit being held at Bumps at Buttermilk. Amy Goodman, celebrated investigative journalist and host of Democracy Now! will be speaking and answering questions about the state of our democracy and the world. Please come and express your vision and commitment to a functioning democracy, and KDNK’s role in giving voice to the free dialogue of free citizens (call 963-0139 or e-mail for reservation information.) As Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart said, “We aren’t passengers on spaceship earth. We’re the crew.” Let’s gather in the cockpit this Sunday.Gwen GarcelonKDNK board member

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