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Come see for yourself

Dear Editor:

In light of the numerous articles, news segments and other information regarding Royal Street Fine Art, we thought it was time we shared the facts. While we understand that our business may be handled differently than some of the other galleries in Aspen, we cannot sit idly by while our names and reputations are dragged through the mud. We have never engaged in any type of art fraud, copying of original works or other unlawful or unethical practices.

We deal with more than 60 artists who we are familiar with and who are very reputable. In the past, as a favor to clients or art brokers, we have taken paintings on consignment, which came back to bite us as two of them were very similar to that of Demott and Dibbs. When local artist Dibbs informed us that one of our consignment paintings closely resembled one of her paintings, we immediately sent the work back to the owner and gave Dibbs full disclosure on the source.

Demott had never brought his painting to our attention or we would have dealt with it accordingly four years ago. We would never want to see any artist’s rights violated. If there is ever any evidence of copyright infringement we stand ready to assist any investigation and prosecution of illegal copyright infringement of original works of art. We love what we do, cherish our clients and appreciate all artists.

We have worked tirelessly for several years to build our business and provide a variety of works at different price points catering to a diverse group of clients. We firmly believe in working with customers to find them the right piece for the right price. We run an honest business and have donated our time and money to the community that we have come to love.

The art fraud stories involving our galleries are not supported by any evidence. As we expected, the Aspen police investigated the matter and have since issued a statement clarifying that Royal Street is not the subject of any investigation and that no evidence exists in support of allegations against Royal Street. For us, it has been shocking and disturbing that the media so quickly published stories based on unreliable, incomplete and baseless information from a few individuals.

For instance, the media interviewed a supposed “ex-employee.” This person never worked for us. We have made ourselves open and available to the media, and anyone else who has any concerns. Yet, instead of investigating sources of the potential art fraud, the stories have focused on our business, most likely because it gives the media some local fodder, and our competitors a chance to tarnish our reputation.

Nevertheless, we want the Aspen community to understand the nature of the allegations and stories regarding our business. We encourage community members to visit our galleries and speak with us directly. We have a network of artists who are excited to speak with potential purchasers of their works. Through all of this, we remain committed to our clients and customers and will continue to offer authentic works of art at great value.

Peter Calamari and Michael Paliga

Royal Street Fine Art

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