Come back, Lawson |

Come back, Lawson

Dear Editor:I guess we can shut off all the TV dramas like “West Wing” and C-Span and all the talking heads, left and right, filling us in on the “evil-doers” in the system of oligarchy and nepostism so far far away in D.C. and just pick up the Daily Blab and grab all the “water cooler” chat about our own little dark and stormy drama in the DA’s office.Ain’t it great that we have our own version of the Ashcroft regime right here in Fat City and a lawyer who can’t seem to raise her right hand and get it straight in the face of staggering amounts of accusations by people we have come to know and trust in our community over the years. Let’s give a big ol’ Colorady yee-haw of thanks to the rednecks in Garfield County who bought into her nonsense and missed a chance for a truly great DA when they overlooked Lawson Wills and gave us this nutcase to totally destroy all credibility and order in a system that was dispensing justice tempered with logic and working very well for so long.Just for a peek into the disorder she brought with her, go to any courtroom in the district and watch how many cases are thrown out for incompetence or confusion on a daily basis and pat yourself on the back if you voted for her. It’s going to take years to straighten out her mess – hope she’s around to pay for it, one way or another, and that we can get some of the good people back in our DA’s office after she’s gone.Lawson, please come back!M.J. McAllisterAspen

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