Come back, Goldie |

Come back, Goldie

Dear Editor:

In response to Nancy Offutt’s letter from Sarasota, Fla., (Jan. 4), it would seem that Goldie Hawn and her family, as well as other rich and/or famous individuals who enjoy this valley are not the blame to your problems.

People have been moving to and enjoying this area for centuries.

The fact that Goldie feels encroached upon by the lecherous paparazzi is just another sign of the times coming to this once tranquil environment. Her expressing this is her right.

She shouldn’t have to be chastised by you claiming it’s people “like her” who make it so ridiculous to live here. She has as much of a right to enjoy this valley as you or me.

Rising prices, population growth, and demand for territory goes as far back as the Utes, who by the way, were truly shooed from this valley by people like you (and me) who wanted to live here.

It is no surprise that in 2008, people trying to escape overpopulated cities across our country end up in scenic resort towns like our own. Nowadays with the baby boomers hitting retirement age, probably most of the problem of rising housing costs.

One thing most people I know agree upon is that Aspen, as beautiful as it is, has always had its share of sacrifices to live here. I have been a snowboard instructor for the past 11 years and live in rented employee housing with my daughter who will enjoy growing up here despite these hurdles.

Maybe it is too expensive to buy a place here for a lot of us, but it certainly is not Goldie Hawn’s fault. To say so would be to claim that “people like John Denver really made this a ridiculous place to live” as well. John Denver basked in the glory of these energetic mountains and influenced a lot of people to come check it out and maybe stay for a while, or even forever. And that’s OK because it’s a free country, and this just may be the most beautiful slice of it.

Goldie, most of us love sharing this valley with you and your family and won’t bother you with picture taking either.

Dennis Burns

Snowmass Village

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