Comcast: It’s true – a service-oriented cable company |

Comcast: It’s true – a service-oriented cable company

The first thing you think when your digital cable box malfunctions during a full Sunday of the NCAA basketball tournament is that nobody will answer the phone at Comcast. The second thing you think is, if someone does answer the phone they’ll be in Newark, N.J., and won’t give a damn about my problem.Wrong on both counts.Despite dialing a toll-free number that routed my call far from the friendly confines of the Aspen Airport Business Center, I reached a female customer-service representative who was pleasant and eager to address the problem by flicking some switches, wherever she was.She pointed us to the display section of the cable box and told us what we would see if the problem was fixed. It wasn’t, so she took our name and address and promised a technician would swing by the next day between 8 a.m. and noon. She said the technician would call about 15 minutes before stopping by.Lo and behold, it all worked just as she said. The technician called at about 11 a.m., stopped by with a new cable box and tackled the problem within minutes.Those television ads in which Comcast boasts about being a whole new company aren’t just the work of a sharp ad executive. Comcast is delivering, even if the call does go to Newark or who knows where.Scott Condon’s e-mail address is

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