Columnist no match for master Stone |

Columnist no match for master Stone

Editor’s note: The following letter was in response to Meredith Carroll’s column that ran Tuesday in The Aspen Times.

Dear Editor:

You show an astounding lack of insight, understanding and simply brainpower.

To compare Lindsay Lohan to Lance Armstrong is similar to comparing you to Andy Stone – they aren’t on the same page or in the same league.

Fortunately, Dr. Ann Mass, a revered and respected Aspen physician as well as a talented writer and intellect, has skillfully articulated the value and benefit of a world-class athlete and true humanitarian. And, since Mass’ letter ran opposite your drivel, hopefully the vast majority of readers will come away with an enlightened understanding of Armstrong’s contribution to humanity.

I suggest you reread the opening sentence of Mass’ letter – it can serve as a beacon if you choose to continue to pursue a career in journalism.

Stacy Standley


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