Columnist has it wrong |

Columnist has it wrong

Dear Editor:

Yak! Who does Su Lum think she is? What an ignorant sycophant.

I’d add: Has she looked at the economy and the disregard (or opportunistic reinterpretation) of our Constitution that President Barack Obama has done? Since he (and Bush) were in, the Constitution has been ignored or “modified” to suit the so-called needs of the administration. Our country now has a “hit list” of suspected terrorists, according to the the president, who are systematically being sought after by drones, which have killed innocent people in the Middle East without any mercy, regret or regard for human lives.

By the way, those “straight, white guys” and women have helped build this country’s economy for decades while protecting our liberty, freedom and existence as the strongest country on earth – the only country in the world that has the kind of freedom we have and cherish. I’d like to see my grandchildren (and generations after theirs) enjoy it after I’m gone. If the white guy (it’s interesting that she should use that comparison in her “free press” musings), who is a successful businessman, had been chosen (how many states have threatened to secede?), we’d have someone in the White House who understands how to run a business, for that’s what the government is essentially, and how to work with economics. And also to get the government out of our private lives – or perhaps she likes having to be patted down before boarding an airplane? Or having her cellphone calls recorded and her emails tracked by the government or having her bedroom invaded by laws on who can marry or do what to whom?

Has Su read Obamacare? She had better check her insurance because if she slips hiking in the next couple of years, if she can get in to see a doctor, she’ll be paying lots more so that all those 30 million people who don’t currently have health care can benefit from the new system that we’ll all be subsidizing. I could go on. By the way, it’s only since she’s in America that she can write vitriol like that. If she were in the Middle East, she’d be shot.

Ricki McKenna


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