Columnist called out |

Columnist called out

Dear Editor:

I recently had the displeasure of reading Steve Skinner’s Aspen Daily News column, “Soiled.” In his column he used the “G” word, calling Aspen “greedy.”

The way I look at it, Aspen is the people that live here, and I never thought of us as “Greedy” – now if I was going to use a “G” word, I’d go with generous.

Now, Steve’s going to tell you his story was based on an skewed article about the cost of real estate and living in Aspen. Cop out! If he wanted to tell the whole story he would have included the fact the affordable/worker housing program is one of the largest per-capita in the country – but that would have taken some of the sting he so wanted in his column.

Now I understand where Steve might be getting his negativity from (Aspen Times columnist Su Lum is his mother-in-law), but why throw stones at the place you turn for fundraising donations for KDNK – not the best of strategies. Here’s a thought – only one columnist per family throwing mud weekly?

Back to the column, Skinner says, “Aspen has made it a deliberate mission to sell everything to the highest bidder. From a gallon of gas to the parking meter, from the lift ticket to the cup of coffee, from the cab ride to the cafe, we are number one … in ripping people off!” How our visitors must feel when they read this over their morning coffee.

He continues with this nonsense, “The movie theaters, the donut shops, the burger joints, the hardware store, the nightclubs, the Laundromats, the sandwich shops, the music stores, the auto mechanics … all gone and replaced by real estate offices, purse shops and a revolving lazy Susan of high-end restaurants trying to milk the bitter breast of the fickle ultra-rich.” I didn’t even know we had purse shops – damn! As for all the other businesses on his list – we still have them. Sure, things have changed – but if there’s a better place to live than Aspen, I’d like to know where.

Hey, Steve – if you don’t like Aspen, no need to cross the roundabout. By the way, your daughter, Riley, she’s still invited. I do hope she sings again at the Wheeler, which, by the way, is in Aspen, funded by a real estate sales tax.

So, Mr. Steve Skinner, here’s an idea – why not change the title of your column from “Soiled” to “Bitter.”

By the way, I personally still love you Steve, but please stop ragging on Aspen and the people who live here.

Andrew Kole


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