Columnist boosts GOP side |

Columnist boosts GOP side

Dear Editor:I was embarrassed to read Andy Stone’s, “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas” column in the Thursday, Sept. 16 edition of The Aspen Times. As an undecided voter, I believe it has pushed me firmly to the Republican side.Mr. Stone ends his cute, tongue-in-cheek, below-the-belt article with, “George W. Bush, like my very young French cousin, un baton emmerdant. Touch him and you will become smeared with ee-yew! Our president.” His argument is that some (previously) respected individuals such as Colin Powell, John McCain, Robert Dole and the president’s own father, George H. W. Bush, have suffered loss of reputation through their association with our president. Mr. Stone’s bottom line: George W. Bush and those affiliated with him are sh-t.This may be true in the mind of Mr. Stone and perhaps others in his Aspen fan club. After all, when in Rome, do as the Romans, but, is there nothing fresh that can be offered? It appears this new consciousness of the Democratic platform have only harsh words and personal attacks for the president, but nothing seriously in the way of political substance. Colin Powell, John McCain, Robert Dole, and George H. W. Bush are all significant and respectful individuals who deserve, at minimum, respect for their political achievements and service to this country. These individuals have stood firm and tall in the face of tough challenges to our nation, and more recently, a tough presidential election. I have not seen these individuals launch loathing, below-the-belt, degrading public statements to defile the character of their opponents to improve their own public images or convince others of their respective truths. Yet, they have the right to defend their actions and policies, and have done so (at the media’s demand) at every turn of the road. To regard these specific individuals as “smeared with ee-yew!” through their affiliation with our president is sophomoric jabber that seeks its own immaturity. So why stop there? What about Alan Greenspan, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, and any other significant dog in the Bush kennel? Shall we just lump them all together as “sh-t” with George W.? I have been watching Kerry “take off the gloves” and smear the president with this same communication style day after day, speech after speech. Perhaps Kerry, like Mr. Stone, has nothing new to offer and swings his fists wildly hoping to eventually land a knock-out punch. This style of bad-talking and making others look bad to improve one’s own public image sinks to the lowest ranks with the likes of Howard Stern, Bubba the Love Sponge, and, yes, Michael Moore.It is disturbing to read negative articles like Mr. Stone’s in an intellectual, talented, healthy, conscientious, and cutting-edge community like Aspen. It certainly makes me not want to go there. Despite the rhetoric from both sides, I’ll error on the side of confidence and substance. Place me firmly on the Republican side.Stuart A. StuthersGlenwood Springs