Column was misleading |

Column was misleading

Dear Editor:It is very disappointing that Mr. Guenin, in his op-ed piece in the June 5 Times Weekly, “Is Gaylord a Republican?” must resort to name-calling, slander and innuendo regarding his comments and/or reference to the Republican Party, President George W. Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft. Why must a solicitation letter from the Republican National Committee to a Republican, Democrat or otherwise be referenced as a letter from Hitler? Why is Mr. Ashcroft referred to as “Herr Ashcroft”? Of course Mr. Bush is called arrogant, along with his “buddies.” Also, he considers “the fact that the Republican Party may have billions stashed away …” Well, which is it? Is it a fact or is it maybe? It seems like a bit of hyperbole to me, in order to create an image of the Big, Bad, Rich Republican Party. After all, is it not some of those affiliated with the GOP, or at least voting for the Red State ideals and policies, that live or own or spend time in Aspen?That Mr. Guenin obviously has a political agenda of his own is not a problem or a contention. What is a concern is that he attempts to attribute the Third Reich characteristics to the current administration and cannot decide what is fact or fiction. I find this irresponsible, petty and completely misleading. With such a perspective and attitude, it is no wonder that he has become accustomed to his favored candidates losing!Neil J. Principe, M.D.Future Fivetrees resident

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