Column was disservice |

Column was disservice

Dear Editor:I am writing in regard to Andy Stone’s column on Thursday titled, “A weighty visit to the polls.”I’m sorry, Andy, that you had a disappointing experience when you voted. Because you failed to mention where you cast your vote, and your article was in The Aspen Times, the implication was that you had voted in Pitkin County. As a Pitkin County election judge for early voting, I felt you did our voters a disservice by describing a scenario which was not taking place in Pitkin County.We had 1,300 voters during the first week of early voting and the majority were enthusiastic, glad for the convenience of early voting, serious about what they were doing and felt it was important, as did the four judges. There were no contradictory instructions about a pencil, and no one used a cardboard shield unless they needed to sit down at a table rather than stand.There were students and adults voting for the very first time who expressed excitement, and one woman putting on her “I voted” sticker said, “I am so proud of this.”We have four more days of early voting, today through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Pitkin County annex building. Perhaps you would like to come by and help us to ensure that everyone has a good voting experience.Nancy MarshAspen

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