Column was an insult |

Column was an insult

This letter is in response to Su Lum’s column on the Infill Report in the March 6 edition of The Aspen Times.

Well Su Lum, you finally got around to reading the infill report, or as you label it, the “infamous Infill Report.” Your use of the word infamous, as the word is defined, is in itself both scandalous and an outrage.

Attacking Charlie Tarver, who skillfully led the Infill Task Force of community volunteers during their two years of work, while he is fighting for a return to his health, discredits both your judgment and sense of decency.

Additionally, your flimsy and unsubstantiated arguments regarding the principles on which the infill report is based are further weakened when you attack the city planning department, represented by long range planner Chris Bendon, by calling their work on the infill issue as “job security for the planning department.” It’s difficult to have any shred of respect for your opinions when you resort to these kinds of verbal assaults.

Having just completed eight years as a member and a chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, I want to go on record that we should be proud of our planners, especially Chris, whose professionalism and hard work provided high motivation for the citizen’s committee.

Chris, the planning department and the 25 citizens who spent many hours working on the infill issue do not deserve your glib, insulting toss-offs. If you have to work so hard to try to be clever, please stick to subjects that are of less importance to the future of Aspen.

Certainly your flat statements regarding the contents of the report that, “it’s not that simple,” without offering any solutions of your own to the problems bedeviling Aspen, can’t be taken seriously.

Bob Blaich


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