Colson’s liberal columns go to the extreme

Colson’s liberal columns go to the extreme

John Colson is a fine writer. It is clear from his opinions that he is a liberal voice, possibly the liberal voice, of The Aspen Times. Is there a conservative voice to provide an opposing narrative? A few days ago he wrote (New Normal) expressing concerns for bare-faced wanderers.

Yet my experieince in business and dining areas masks are commonplace, enforced, hiking not so much with no one around. He said little in the past about protestors and rioters irresponsibility, masks included. He clearly is anti the “pro-Donald Trump” crowd creating so-called controversies.

What about the Democrats ignoring running and protecting a nation? He enjoys invectives, like “right-wing nut base” or the “pathetically ignorant swath “ critical of opposing thoughts as if he is a scientist. Oh well, when reading Colson “I guess it’s just another day” of bile boiling from the caldron of a biased opinionist, facts or truth aside.

Tom Balderston