Colson’s column was ‘truly awful’ |

Colson’s column was ‘truly awful’

Dear Editor:

The “truly awful thing” about John Colson’s flippant take on the terrorist attack on the United States of America on Sept. 11, 2001, is his irresponsible “hit and run” technique.

His journalistic ooze is laced with treacherous speculation and desecrates the memory of our fellow Americans and all the innocent people who perished that day. His circuitous suggestions are a cowardly way of discrediting the leadership of our country and he lacks the necessary fortitude to take complete ownership of his bizarre insinuations.

I do not believe Americans should casually disrespect the Office of the President by using any other title besides President Obama or President Bush. Once “we the people” vote them into position we must then respect our leaders and stand behind them, especially in times of trouble.

To sabotage and discredit our leadership and our men and women in uniform is to undermine ourselves; they have offered up their lives to serve and protect us and a majority of our citizens have elected the government by casting their votes.

To utilize one of the most tragic days in our history and “latch on to wild conspiracy theories” as Mr. Colson does, is shameful, counterproductive and downright un-American.

Our government shields us from all sorts of terrifying truths every moment we live. All one has to do is look at the faces and demeanor of incoming presidents after their day of debriefing by the existing administration just prior to being sworn into office.

As one past Secretary of State once commented to me, “the American people do not want or need to know the thousands of threats we are a target of each and every day.”

Mass panic and a complete loss of order would ensue if the citizens and non-citizens residing within our borders knew all there is to know. One of the most difficult jobs of intelligence organizations is to filter the incoming threats and decipher which are credible.

For Mr. Colson to inject any iota of humor into this day in history is ugly and may be a sign of a man who is discontent with the way things are in his own life.

Mr. Colson is lucky this is still a country that allows personal freedoms or he might find himself being shipped out on the next slow boat to another “less understanding” communism (whoops! community that is).

Heck, he’d probably embrace the fact that he’d no longer be subjected to a Capitalistic society and he’d finally feel free of all that burdensome resentment he carries towards those more successful than he. I do know this, I would be amongst the scores of proud Americans bidding him adieu and cheering, “Good riddance!” as his ship set out across the shining sea.

Margaret Wilson Reckling


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