Colorado River District to release water out of Ruedi |

Colorado River District to release water out of Ruedi

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The Colorado River District announced Monday it is working with state and federal water managers to release some of the water it controls in Ruedi Reservoir.

The river district is coordinating with officials at the Bureau of Reclamation, which operates the reservoir on the lower Fryingpan River, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to release between 50 and 100 cubic feet per second of water.

The effort began Friday when an additional 50 cfs of water was released from Ruedi under the auspices of the USFWS. Another 30 cfs was released Monday; the lower Fryingpan River was flowing at 170 cfs on Monday.

The goals of the increased releases include boosting flows in the Fryingpan, Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers, as well as allowing water to be held for longer in Green Mountain Reservoir for irrigators in the Grand Valley.

The higher flows also are expected to help protect the river against any ash and debris that flows into the Fork and Fryingpan as a result of runoff from the portions of Basalt Mountain burned in the Lake Christine Fire.