Colorado may revamp student testing |

Colorado may revamp student testing

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DENVER ” Gov. Bill Ritter and a bipartisan group of lawmakers unveiled an education reform plan Wednesday to toughen the rules for what students must learn and to overhaul the way the state tests them to make sure they’re progressing.

The proposal, which is still being drafted, lays out the groundwork for having the state’s kindergarten through 12th and higher education system set those standards and the best way to test whether they’re being met. The plan doesn’t include any details about how that should be done, including whether or not to change the state’s standardized testing system.

Ritter said the details would come later but he said he won’t back away from rigorous standards or accountability measures.

“It’s a vision that assumes that every Colorado student has the opportunity to live up to his or her God-given potential,” Ritter said of the plan.

Sen. Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, is pushing ahead with a proposal to get rid of the state’s standardized test for 10th graders and replacing it with the ACT college entrance exam.

She said 10th-graders sometimes don’t try to perform well on the state tests or even sabotage their performance, knowing that colleges don’t consider the results. Williams said the ACT has higher stakes for students.

Cutting out the state test will save the state about $9 million. Williams says that could be used to work on lowering the state’s dropout rate.


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