Colorado man to sue over seizure of pot plants |

Colorado man to sue over seizure of pot plants

The Associated Press
Aspen, CO Colorado

GRANBY, Colo. – Medical marijuana providers in western Colorado plan to sue county officials for $612,400 in damages for seizing their 163 marijuana plants.

Robert Love of Granby and his wife, Jeanette, say Grand County authorities’ actions have deprived them of their livelihood.

The sheriff’s office says Robert Love was arrested in October when he was pulled over for a traffic violation and marijuana was found in the car. Authorities say he didn’t have documentation showing he was licensed to provide medical marijuana.

Love says he just didn’t have all his documents together and claims the seizure of his plants was unlawful.

Colorado voters in 2000 approved using marijuana for medical purposes. State officials are struggling to regulate the growing marijuana industry.

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