Colloquium for incorrigibles |

Colloquium for incorrigibles

Dear Editor:Some Aspen liberals and one of the local newspapers recently called for an annual symposium for Hunter Thompson.Why not combine this by including Lindsay Lohan? There are dissimilarities, but both she and Thompson, after showing talent in their youths, ended up as addicts contributing to the vulgarization of American society. They were both rebellious toward authority and failed to complete college. (Hunter’s claimed doctorate was mail-ordered to him from a church.) Both became famous by outrageous deeds and were supported by cult followings of childish rebels.Somehow, our culture rewards persons who act up, like Lohan, Thompson or Dennis Rodman, with more fame and success than if they were good citizens. The proposed combined symposium would help further that trend, appear avant-garde, and bring more publicity to our city.Richard JenningsAspen