Collision raises more questions |

Collision raises more questions

Dear Editor:To the husband head that had the impudence to call the Department of Wildlife and ask for the Samson elk head from the “six by six” his wife killed on Nov. 17 near Snowmass Canyon. Get this he wanted the head as a way to “compensate” him for damages done to his wife’s car. Here’s your sign. May I suggest another set of questions that you should have asked? “Honey you were speeding again, weren’t you? Come on, it’s 50 mph there. How did you not avoid an animal the size of a large horse if you weren’t? How are we going to pay a careless and reckless driving ticket this close to Christmas? What you didn’t get a ticket? I know you were talking on your cell phone again, who to if not your mother again? God bless her, but doesn’t she know how dangerous it is to talk on the cell phone, drive with one hand and on icy roads, to boot. Honestly it’s all her fault you killed that trophy elk and tore up your car. Oh you weren’t on the phone, you were just finishing putting on your makeup and adjusting your cruise control to 10 mph above the posted limit. So it’s your fault that magnificent animal is dead. Great, just great. You know a Pitkin County deputy and some construction boys field-dressed the animal on the side of the road, of course they just left the guts. Made a big impression on all the animal lovers driving up valley. I heard DOW is going to sell the head for $5,000. Imagine that they should give it to me for damages. Honey I was reading that Colorado drivers kill more animals than the hunters – yeah, imagine that. You know the most dangerous time for animal accidents is sunset to sunrise and an hour before or after. I hope you slow your ass down next time. Guess I won’t get a Christmas present this year.”Just one more thing – you are both blond, right?! Frosty MerriottCarbondale

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