Colfax, here we come |

Colfax, here we come

The recent installation of a signal light at Truscott Place (the city golf course) should be an eye opener for us all.

Mick Ireland championed a roundabout at the Maroon/Castle creek intersection for nearly $5 million to alleviate traffic from the signal light located there. The signal that we eliminated was only to be replaced by even more signals elsewhere.

With new lights at Buttermilk and the light at Truscott, afternoon traffic is backing up across the Maroon Creek Bridge and into the roundabout. If signals are causing traffic nightmares before you hit the entrance, what do you think additional signals all the way through town will cause?

The straight shot will not alleviate traffic for buses or cars. New lights at 7th, 4th, 2nd, Garmisch, Galena and Spring will simply change the location of traffic into town. Colfax Avenue, here we come.

We still need 100 signatures, see us at the post office to stop this madness.

Cliff Weiss

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