Coincidence? I think not

Dear Editor:

After reading Jolene Varley’s letter of Friday, Sept. 10, stating the similarities between Hitler and Obama I must admit to some initial skepticism. I went to the website and sure enough, there was the proof. Hitler used to send Eva Braun on wasteful expensive trips aboard Luftwaffe1 just like Obama now sends his wife. Supposedly they’re married.

Have you ever noticed how Obama says Pockistan instead of Pakistan, like a real American? Listen to how Hitler pronounced it … exactly the same way. I know some of you who were indoctrinated at “liberal” universities might say Pakistan wasn’t created until 1947 and Hitler was dead by then so how could he have said that. My answer to that is our Constitution came from God and must remain intact and sacrosanct … except for the parts I don’t like.

John Finlayson