Cognitive dissonance |

Cognitive dissonance

Dear Editor:

It is always the Democrats’ fault. No matter what happens, no matter on whose watch. It is the Democrats. Carter did this and that is why 20 years later we have this or that problem. Clinton did this and that is why we are in the mess today.

What? When the Republicans hold Congress for the last 10 of 12 years and hold the presidency for the last eight of those years, wouldn’t you think they could correct the errors of all these Democrats who cannot seem to do anything right? I feel this Bush administration is government by crisis. Terrorists take out the World Trade Center. Uh ho, crisis! Must do something now. Oh my gosh, there is a financial collapse! Must do something now. And of course it is the Democrats who caused it. Happened on my watch but the Democrats caused it.

Damn convenient for Republicans, I must say. Let’s just turn this country over to the Republicans and then we can all live safely and happily forever. And remember no matter what happens, it is not the Republicans fault! It is those “tax and spend” Democrats who were in office eight years ago, or 20 years ago.

Republicans must disagree with the U.S. Navy that if a ship goes down, or is wrecked, it is the captain on board who is responsible. Republicans think it was the past commander’s fault, right?

What I want to know is: When is the Republican Party going to take responsibility for anything? Please tell me when. Oh, that’s right, I forgot. Republicans do not make mistakes, they are perfect.

Take some responsibility, Republicans. The rest of us just need to look at how many domestic crises happened while a Republican was on watch. Seriously, look it up!

TJ Krest


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