Coalition turns blind eye to real problem |

Coalition turns blind eye to real problem

Dear Editor:

CIRC (Colorado Immigration Rights Coalition) is not doing any service for the Latino community. It is dividing the community and putting chips on Latino people’s shoulders. CIRC is barking up the wrong tree.

Immigrants of all origins are coming to this country because of the peaceful living and law and order we all enjoy in our communities. This law (believe it or not, it includes the immigration law also) and order is provided and maintained by our law-enforcement personnel who put their own lives on the line every day to do their jobs to keep the community safe.

Citizens call cops for help literally about everything, from lost animals to domestic disputes to hard-core criminal activities. They answer them all. They deserve our huge appreciation and support.

CIRC should work with the new immigrants to understand our laws and help them assimilate into our society (for example, learning English for better communications, being patriotic to our country) instead of using the empty name “profiling” to hide the criminals. Don’t we all have our own profiles? And, one shall worry not if there are no illegal activities in one’s profile being “profiled.”

CIRC should attack the law-enforcement agents in the other government systems (if you have the guts) for being so corrupted and not protecting and providing law and order to their own citizens and causing this mass exodus of risking their lives to cross the border. CIRC, please do something good for the harmony of our communities and do your barking at the root of the problem, the corrupted foreign government systems, instead of turning our system into a lawless one.

By the way, I am a first-generation immigrant myself (non-white) and I am not related to any law-enforcement agents. I only enjoy and really appreciate the service they provide and I thank them. May God bless America!

Charlie Jacobson


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