Coaches can learn from players |

Coaches can learn from players

Dear Editor:

In spite of the adolescent behavior of both varsity coaches at Tuesday’s Basalt-Aspen soccer game, the ladies of the Aspen team continued to play with the skill and sportsmanship parents and fans have come to appreciate.

Aside from the one player who was red-carded (from my viewpoint for following the example of her coaches), the girls continued to try to stay focused on the game despite the interference from their own coaching staff.

To continue to compete in the face of the humiliation brought on by these two obnoxious and rude individuals showed a spirit and determination that might well be studied and taken to heart by the coaches.

I hope the inappropriate behavior of the coaches will not adversely affect the team and their continued participation in this soccer season.

So, play on ladies: hopefully your coaches will get a clue from your example.

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Lyn Byars


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