Coach Ryan stands out |

Coach Ryan stands out

Dear Editor:As a recent graduate of Aspen High School there are a lot of people I should acknowledge for their support and guidance in getting me to this point in my life. I have had many great teachers and coaches and I thank them all. Out of all these people one of them stands out amongst the rest and for that I would like to thank Coach Rick Ryan. No one gave more of himself than Coach Ryan, who would always be there if a player needed more work on grounders or wanted to take extra batting practice. However, these were not even the things that made him a special coach. Coach Ryan took an active roll in the lives of his players getting to know each one of them. If anybody on the team expressed an interest in playing at the next level, Coach Ryan would contact college coaches and see what he could do to help his players. Through my four seasons playing for the high school, Coach Ryan has coached with integrity, compassion, and commitment. It is a great loss to the current Aspen High baseball players and a bigger loss to the future players who will not be able to experience baseball with Coach Ryan.Pat FaurerSnowmass VillageAHS baseball team captain 2004, ’05

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