CO detectors save lives |

CO detectors save lives

Dear Editor:

I noticed in the “poll” about people possessing CO detectors or not, the final answer is:

“No, but I have no gas-fired appliances, so I don’t need one.”

In the interest of accuracy with this serious subject, I just wanted to let you know that CO is produced from any incompletely burnt fuel-solid, liquid or gas.

I would hate to mislead anyone into thinking they are “safe” without a CO detector just because they don’t have (or worse yet ” don’t think they have) a gas appliance. Remember that if no other gas appliance is present (read: visible), many homes around here do not have an electric water heater.

Besides my involvement in the life-safety industry, I do have a small personal “soapbox” from which I speak as my cousin was killed in his sleep by CO four years ago while living alone. The cause: a small remnant of a bird’s nest stuck in the vent pipe on his water heater.

One other point that is frequently overlooked or never mentioned is that all CO detectors expire in five to seven years. If there was one installed in a home built in 2003 or earlier, it likely does not function anymore. The worst thing is that most people in the general public are unaware of that fact.

Scott W. Mishler, CET

general manager

American Protection Systems, Inc.

Glenwood Springs

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