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C’mon Bob, do something

Dear Editor:I was not surprised at the response that Justin Deal got from the Hotel Jerome manager who didn’t seem to care that he had almost run Justin over (Letters, March 22). It seems to me that this is the attitude of most drivers today – everyone speeds, so why shouldn’t I?It blows me away when I see people I know, and people of high public profile, racing around the valley as if they are the only ones on the road. Yesterday, a Honda Element came cruising up behind me in the left lane on Highway 82, changed lanes and sped by me, and continued down the highway braking behind people who were not driving fast enough, finally clearing the field and was out of sight. Not five minutes later, I saw this same vehicle at the light at Aspen Village. I was floored when I saw the driver – a well-known practitioner – who was probably late picking up her child at the bus stop. I sent an e-mail to a former co-worker who sped by me in a company vehicle. I asked him to think about the consequences of his actions by driving so fast. His response was that he tries to drive carefully. What it comes down to is if you are speeding, you are not driving carefully. Smiling Sheriff Bob Braudis stated that it is up to the individual to obey the speed limit. It is not happening, Bob. RFTA buses are still going 70 mph through Snowmass Canyon, trucks are still blowing through red lights and someone is going to get seriously hurt by a bonehead hotel driver, just because you don’t seem to think it is the sheriff’s responsibility to take control of this continuing issue. Come on, Bob, do something before someone is killed.Kim VieiraAspen Village


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