CMC decision baffling |

CMC decision baffling

Dear Editor:

Like many others, I am shocked and outraged at CMC’s decision to block Channing Seideman’s access to education. I would expect that after the front-page treatment by The Aspen Times that CMC is probably well on their way to backpedaling and rethinking their position. At least I would hope so.

I’m sure I don’t need to pile on further abuse of CMC, but I would like to point out the value of the “teaching moment,” in this case. The applicability of EMT skills and knowledge are almost always in a practical setting. The motivation to take an EMT class is usually so that you can better help the sick or injured. I can’t speak to Channing’s motivation to take an EMT class, but I can guess. Despite the CMC staff’s pronouncement to the contrary, I believe this is a perfectly appropriate class for Channing.

Sam Cox


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