CMC, city advocate for peace in Darfur |

CMC, city advocate for peace in Darfur

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Colorado Mountain College campus would like to thank each and every student who presented or supported by their presence the city of Aspen’s newly signed resolution to “establish the city of Aspen as an advocate for peace in Darfur.”

As a result of these students’ compelling presentation, their resolution was unanimously lauded and approved by the Aspen City Council and signed by Mayor Mick Ireland. The resolution, drafted by CMC instructor Sara Berry, states compelling and agonizing facts about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and asks the city of Aspen to, among other requests, “support all efforts made by the federal government of the United States to facilitate peace in Darfur.”

Student outreach efforts like these have been made throughout the CMC district as a result of student and faculty participation in the CMC Common Reader program in which “The Translator,” by Daoud Hari, was read and discussed. The following students were congratulated by CMC President Dr. Stan Jensen for their fine accomplishment: Viridiana Esparza, Jose Jurardo, Oscar Garcia, Preston McKelvey, Kevin Menjivar, Christian Carrillo, Jose Jurardo, Justin White and Mariah Lee!

Margaret Maxwell

instructional chair, Colorado Mountain College, Aspen campus

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