Club embraces Aspen Idea |

Club embraces Aspen Idea

Dear Editor:I am writing in support of the Aspen Club Living project. I could write all day on why this project should be approved; however, I will just touch on a few comments that have been made as to why it shouldn’t be approved.1. “A ‘timeshare’ hotel does not belong in a rural residential zone.” If you look around the Aspen Club neighborhood there are several homes that are rented out consistently. Really, what is the difference between “renting” and having different people in and out or having a “timeshare?” To me, there is not much, different names, same purpose. Also, look at the Aspen Meadows. That is a hotel on the West End in the middle of a residential area and has not hurt anything or devalued the area.2. “City Council needs to follow the law and rules that have been set for zoning.” The world is always changing and evolving. Rules and laws change with it. That is why an SPA was created, to look at project like this one and be able to make a change for something that is for the better good of the community.3. “This project is not a community benefit. It is to only benefit the applicant, employees and its members.” There are 1,800 members, 200 employees and countless other people in this community that use the many services that are offered. This town is not that big, and the services are open to the public for those who choose to use them. By adding this component to the Aspen Club it will bring more people into Aspen to benefit from its health and wellness programs; in turn these people will be eating in our restaurants, shopping in our stores, buying lift tickets and taking advantage of all the other services and amenities Aspen has to offer. Not to mention all the contractors, designers and other jobs it will open.4. City Council has stated that they have been let down before with big projects and promises, such as the Limelight changing ownership after their remodel and Dick Butera selling out of the Aspen Club when he got what he wanted. Look at these businesses … they are still successful and even better than they were before. Let the Aspen Club continue to sprout and grow to the next level. Yes, the Aspen Club could continue the way it is going, still be good, but why not let them be great! Give Aspen visitors another reason to visit and offer something really unique. There is talk of sticking to the Aspen Community Plan; what about the Aspen Idea of Mind, Body & Spirit that I hear about? If this project doesn’t speak to that, I don’t know what does.Nikki LapinWoody Creek