Closing Day |

Closing Day

May Eynon

Aspen Highlands’ season ended with a bang on Sunday, April 4. The spirit of skiing was infectious as parties took place all over the slopes and at the base.

Ashley Bown, Gunnar Sachs and Tommy Tollesson of Elevation restaurant continued their annual tradition with an end-of-season celebration at Joint Point.

“This party is for all of Elevation’s friends and family,” said Sachs, a co-owner of the Aspen establishment.

Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol assisted by transporting the keg and grill to the midmountain location.

“Patrol is always very supportive of our event,” said Bown, an avid monoskier as well as Elevation’s chef and co-owner. “We always clean up afterward and we only promote responsible drinking.”

After the keg was drained, guests dispersed in different directions in pursuit of other parties.

Cloud Nine restaurant was the setting of another get-together. And at the base, KSNO threw a 40th anniversary party with Tom Egan as emcee and Dylan Regan as the DJ.

“What better way to celebrate 04/04/04?” asked KSNO owner Tom Dobrez of Chicago.

As a feverish dance crowd tested the deck’s stretch factor, revelers grooved until well after dark.

“You guys know how to throw a party,” said a visitor from Vail, marveling at the longevity of the closing-day celebration. “We’ll be back every year for this.”