Close the campgrounds

Just a couple of asides before delving into the main thrust of this letter – the emerging fire danger within the extended Aspen area. I shan’t be long, Jolene.

At any rate, skateboards still suck and shouldn’t be allowed inside local eateries. Were you to step on one of these contraptions unawares, it would be like taking a ride on a banana peel on wheels. A senior popping a wheelie would be a sight to behold. Snap, crackle and pop.

Secondly, I have a strong premonition that I’m about to be awarded some kind of cowpie award by this newspaper, and will respond in appropriate fashion and when this occurs.

Finally, in view of the fact that firefighting crews are stretched thin battling fires statewide, and given our local hazardous conditions, I’m totally amazed that the Forest Service has not closed down our area campgrounds.

Fire bans do not prevent blazes caused by smoldering cigarette butts (and doobies as well) outside the campground boundaries. A cook fire by an inept camper outside the campground but parked inside could do the trick just as well. Murphy’s Law is always there to be enacted just when we least expect it.

Smokey Bear, you are custodian of our National Forest lands. Is it too much to expect that you get your act in order immediately, if not sooner?

Pete Luhn