Climate change is no laughing matter |

Climate change is no laughing matter

Dear Editor:

In October, I published an op-ed in this newspaper in support of the hydropower project. Trying to strike a light note, I alleged that another hydro supporter, Mayor Mick Ireland, once had a temperament akin to “60-grit sandpaper.”

I feared that the 3M Corp., or another manufacturer of abrasive products, might object to the comparison, but no such complaint has been lodged.

I did, however, receive a note from Mick strongly objecting to a second slam I leveled in an otherwise complimentary paragraph extolling the environmental leadership he and other mayors have provided.

I won’t repeat the gratuitous insult, but I must note that it was fabricated out of whole cloth. What was meant to be satire was in hindsight slander, and I regret propagating a lie. My apologies to the mayor and his extended family.

The voters have spoken on 2C, but I hope discussion about Aspen’s role in reducing its greenhouse-gas emissions continues.

I’m a big fan of Indian summer. Indian winter, not so much.

I love snow, and we are waging war on it.

The climate we are leaving our kids and their kids now bears little resemblance to the Colorado winters we have known.

My daughter Tarn will turn 27 in February. She’s been alive for about 300 months. During that time, her generation has not experienced a single month when our planet’s temperature was lower than average. And no wonder because half the fossil fuel humans have burned in our 100,000-year history has gone up in smoke since her birth.

Whatever Aspen has done on the clean energy-front – and there’s much to be proud of – it’s not enough!

Randy Udall


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