Clerk worthy of praise |

Clerk worthy of praise

Dear Editor:

Pitkin County Clerk Janice Vos Caudill and her staff deserve our thanks and appreciation for joining other counties in making sure every properly registered voter receives a mail-in ballot this fall.

The clerk and her staff are taking on extra work by including in the ballot mailing voters who are duly registered but did not vote in the 2010 election. As a result, several hundred voters who would otherwise not participate in the election will receive and return ballots.

The issues in this fall’s election are important: statewide education funding, health and human services in Pitkin County and Aspen School District Board.

Please look for your ballot in the mail. The post office will not forward your ballot if the clerk does not have your current mailing address. Contact the clerk at 429-2713 if you don’t get a ballot.

And, if you see Janice and the staff, thank them for the extra effort to enfranchise all voters.

Mick Ireland


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