Clear up the voter confusion |

Clear up the voter confusion

Dear Editor:

I was working with voter registration on Saturday at the farmers’ market. There is some confusion about updating your registration.

If you normally vote by mail and did not vote in 2010, you are probably considered to be inactive. You can come to the market on Saturday and update your registration to be sure you receive your ballot this year. If you are not sure, it is better to fill out the form to update than to miss out. There is no penalty for updating your registration if you didn’t need to!

You can also do it online at, or you can call the Election Department at 970-429-2713 or 970-429-2709 if you have questions.

You have about 40 more days to register. Don’t miss out. There have been several rule changes. The mail-in ballots will go out on Oct. 15. Early voting will be permitted starting on Oct. 22.

Please be sure you are registered. And if you would like to help the Democrats register more people, come to the market on Saturday and introduce yourself. We would love to meet you.

Cari Shurman


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