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‘Classy’ marijuana dispensary coming to Edwards

Sarah Mausolf
Vail correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

EDWARDS, Colo. – A Boulder man says he wants to open a “classy and sophisticated” medical marijuana dispensary in Edwards, in Eagle County.

Bryan Swanton, 30, plans to open the dispensary in the former UPS building in the Edwards Village Center off Edwards Village Boulevard.

“I”m concerned with making a place that’s classy, and where people tend to be very respectful and people have a feeling this is a professional and legitimate business, instead of sticking with the stereotype of it being a back corner place where you get your stuff,” he said.

Swanton hopes to open the dispensary “as soon as possible.” He’s working on signing a lease for the 1,100-square-foot building.

Swanton is thinking about calling his business “Buds” Premier Dispensary. He plans to sell his product to people who hold legal registration cards to use the drug for medical purposes.

“Ultimately a lot of what I imagine I will find in Vail are people who have had serious injuries and many of them will suffer will from chronic pain,” he said. “There will be other diagnoses left and right, but that’s something I really want to focus on is helping people understand strain names and quantities that can help them more. I’m going to come in with a whole onslaught of very carefully dosed edibles.”

This would be the second medical marijuana dispensary to open in Edwards. The other dispensary – New Hope Wellness Center – opened earlier this month. The town of Avon also received its first application for a dispensary business license this month.

Swanton said he’s working with a Denver doctor who will screen patients for medical marijuana use. The doctor will be seeing patients on Sept. 12 at the Vail Marriott.

Edwards resident Ryan Spinks, who has been pre-screening patients, said he’s received more than 100 calls from people who are curious about medical marijuana.

“Anything from people who are very interested and just have questions all the way to people with serious debilitating medical conditions including cancer and HIV, as well as chronic pain patients who are in wheelchairs,” he said.

Swanton said people who suffer from chronic nausea, chronic pain, glaucoma, cancer, chronic seizures and irritable bowel syndrome could qualify.

A medical marijuana grower in Boulder, Swanton holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular cellular and developmental biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He had been planning to go to law school when he decided to open a dispensary instead.

“I feel like it’s such a noble cause,” he said. “It feels good to participate in that. In terms of patients, especially those who may be suffering from chronic seizures or are undergoing chemotherapy or are unable to eat because their stomach lining has been disintegrated by the chemicals, it’s a really beautiful medication to offer some of those people.”

Colorado voters passed medical marijuana use in 2000. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issues registration cards to those who are legally allowed to use the drug, per doctor’s orders, for medical conditions that the state defines. There were 69 card holders in Eagle County as of June 30, according to the state.


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