Classic Pass goes up 51 percent |

Classic Pass goes up 51 percent

Dear Editor:

Many people have been focused on the two-day-a-week pass. But if you bought a seven-day Classic Pass and wish to ski seven days this year you face a 51 percent increase! Here’s the math: The pass is now five days at $249 with $79 for each extra day. So to ski seven days you must pay $407. Last year to ski seven days cost $269. This extra $138 represents a 51 percent increase. The Classic Pass has been going up at a faster rate than any of the other passes for the last few years. Is this fair?

I must say that I truly appreciate the Skico’s generosity in the past. When I moved here in ’71, as a teacher I paid $3 a day. Then came the Community Service pass and we paid $5 a day. Many years and many passes later I find myself skiing on mountain less and less and being served well by a seven-day pass to ski with my kids. I understand the need for yearly price increases, but 51 percent seems extremely excessive.

Bruce Gabow

Frying Pan

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