Class puts student on the career track |

Class puts student on the career track

Dear Editor:

In my business class at Aspen High School, we got to talk about and investigate the careers we are interested in and plan on doing. We started by taking two assessments, one called Career Key and the other called Kolbe. After that, we shared what careers interest us. We did a few practices like shaking hands for an interview.

But that’s not the only thing we did. We learned to give 30-second pitches about ourselves, our “brand,” in the same way a businessperson would pitch his/her idea to potential investors. We even practiced by performing it front of the class; I had a very accurate 30-second pitch.

Then came the moment of truth: We had to contact someone with the career we wanted and had to interview him or her. I wanted to be a game warden, so I contacted Kevin Wright for a job shadow informational interview. I was planning to meet Kevin at the school during last period. So I set up a couple of chairs at a table in the cafeteria. We were supposed to dress nice for these interviews, so I had on a nice button-up shirt along with black slacks. I waited in the front office for him as planned. When he showed up, I approached him with a firm handshake like the way we practiced in class and led him to the cafeteria, where I had set up the table for us to talk. I explained to him what this interview was about. After that, I opened my binder, slid on my glasses and took out a pen, and began the interview.

After the interview, I felt like I could tell what I wanted to do. This was a good experience because now I’m very sure what I want to do with my life. The thing you do in Dave Conarroe’s career class, you can find what you are proficient at in certain areas or what you really are good at. I have to say this class has really outdone itself. The main focus of the class is you. What do you want to do with your life? What are you interested in?

I learned that what I wanted to do was the perfect career for me. Now because of this I know for sure what I want to do. Also because of the interview I know what I should do after high school, and I know what to study. This assignment is going to help me become a part of the Division of Wildlife.

Thank you, Dave Conarroe, Marilyn Seltzer and Kevin Wright.

Ben Hill

Aspen High School career planning class


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