Clarity would be appreciated |

Clarity would be appreciated

The letter from Jeffrey Server and Perry Snyderman in the March 17-23 Snowmass Sun and the March 19 Aspen Times requires a response. Messrs. Server and Snyderman make the same error that the Citizens for Responsible Growth (CRG) made in some of their later print ads – they confuse annual skier-day growth rates with annual growth rates in overnight visitation in the resort.

The 3.7 percent annual growth rate which Snowmass Village “needs” to be successful is a growth in year-round overnight visitation, NOT skier days.

The Demand Analysis commissioned by some of the Mall owners (notably Messrs. Server and Francis), done by the Laramie Company/ Gregory Stoffel and Associates (LC/GS) projected a 3.2 percent annual growth rate in overnight visitation, somewhat lower than 3.7 percent, but hardly grossly different. For comparison, the Development Consulting Group (DCG), a consultant for the partnership of Intrawest and the Aspen Skiing Company, projected a 5.4 percent annual growth rate for overnight visitation.

Both of these demand analyses were considered by the town staff and the town’s Financial Advisory Board in the work that resulted in the 3.7 percent rate, which is actually much closer to the Mall owners’ own consultant’s growth projection of 3.2 percent than to the more optimistic growth projection of the partnership’s consultants.

It would be helpful in discussions surrounding developments within Snowmass Village if people would be clear and precise about the numbers they are using.

Carolyn Purvis/Snowmass Village