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Dear Editor:

The Pitkin County Healthy Rivers and Streams citizens advisory board (River Board) seeks to clarify statements made in an article by Aaron Hedge in the Sept. 29 edition of The Aspen Times titled “Healthy Rivers seeks to fund review of hydropower project.”

The county has approved $15,000 from the Healthy Rivers Fund be made available to allow the River Board and staff to conduct an independent review and analysis of the city’s position relative to the impacts to be expected from the hydroelectric plant’s operation on the health of Castle and Maroon creeks.

This will allow the River Board to take a position relative to the city’s project and its impact on our streams, as well as guide the county in its participation in the city’s water court application to change the beneficial use of its water rights to service the proposed project.

The county is not spending any money or resources on a mediation effort.

Lisa MacDonald

staff assistant, Healthy Rivers and Streams citizens advisory board

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