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An article in The Aspen Times on April 7 incorrectly paraphrased the words of Marketing, Special Events and Group Sales Board member Scott Calliham. Calliham asked at the board’s meeting on April 3 that Snowmass Village be given exposure as a distinct entity in the coverage of this year’s USA Pro Challenge, not that it be given the same amount of coverage as Aspen.

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Wildlife officials: Even with abundant natural foods for bears around Aspen, people need to secure sources

August 19, 2019

An abundant bounty of natural food is expected for bears around the Aspen area but serviceberry, choke cherry and acorns are generally maturing late because of all the snow last winter and a wet, cool spring. Wildlife officers stress that even with abundant natural food available, people need to eliminate food sources for bruins because they will always go for an easy meal.

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