Clapper is fit for office |

Clapper is fit for office

Dear Editor:

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tommy Clapper on my show at the Aspen Saturday Market. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I got more than I anticipated.

Therefore, I would like to put to rest the rumor Tommy is not a viable candidate for the county commissioner seat based on the fact he “died” a number of months ago. Hey, a dead Tommy Clapper might be better than a few of the live ones on the ballot.

Have I got your attention?

Yes, he has gone through a horrible ordeal. Yes, he talks a bit slower than he did before. And, yes, many people look at him and feel sorry for him.

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Stop it! Tommy doesn’t want it, or need it – he’s doing just fine.

In the spirit of fair play, I will tell you unequivocally I think he can do the job. And, if he makes it past the first round Tuesday, I think he will prove me right. As far as I am concerned his mind is working to full capacity. (FYI: He survived my interview, flourished, and impressed me.)

Whether he is the best candidate or not will be up to the voters, but to rule him out because he has suffered a setback is simply not fair.

So, if he was your guy before, he should still be your guy now!

Andrew Kole


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