Clapper and Ittner tout history, values |

Clapper and Ittner tout history, values

Editor’s note: This is the third of four questions Pitkin County commissioner District 1 candidates are answering in The Aspen Times this week. To read brief candidate biographies and answers to the first two questions, visit

The Aspen Times: What makes you a better candidate than your opponent?

Patti Clapper: I don’t think it is a matter of being a “better” candidate. I think it is a matter of being the best candidate, the candidate who will best represent the people of Pitkin County. As a 34-year Pitkin County resident, I have lived here as a single person, as a couple and as a family, with my children, Trevor and Traci, being born, raised and still living in the valley. And when I married my husband, Tommy Clapper, I became part of a multigenerational local family; thus I understand, firsthand, the needs of all generations, from all aspects.

And having been a Pitkin County commissioner for 12 years (1999 to 2010), I have a proven track record of serving the best interests of the people of Pitkin County. I am known for doing my homework, for asking the right and the tough questions, and even more, I am known for listening to the people and for allowing the people to participate in the process on an equal level.

I am the candidate who will vote to support the people of Pitkin County. I will address human health-services needs. I will ensure we continue to protect the natural health of our environment. I will work to protect and enhance our rural character of life. I am the candidate who will and who can preserve why we moved here and why we stay here.

Rob Ittner: My opponent served for 12 years, and I am sure she did a great job, but now I am serving, and I feel I am doing a great job. I want to talk about what I have done to serve as a commissioner here over the last four years. I have defended the values of this county in the last four years by controlling growth, protecting the environment, providing help to those in need and developing a healthy economy. I have done this all in a collaborative, balanced and open-minded way, working with the other commissioners to develop great direction and a strong strategic plan for the county. This approach is why I have received the endorsement from two past commissioners, Jack Hatfield and Dorothea Ferris, who have both sat on the board with my opponent. Jack and Dorothea know that I am a hard worker and I come to meetings prepared and ready to tackle the hard issues by bringing thoughtful, open-minded discussions to the table.

I am also 100 percent up to speed on the major issues that are before our county at this point. I have a great understanding of the budget impacts, and my financial background offers insight into the board’s decision-making process.


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