Civilization must be saved |

Civilization must be saved

Dear Editor:I can’t believe the insensitivity, and “understanding” for those who would indiscriminately kill men, women and children and then compare these subhuman bastards, in any way, with the actions of our military. I totally and completely reject any equivalence Harvie Branscomb seems to imply by his endorsement of Sue Gray’s position or outright condemnation Patrick Hunter espouses in his article. This is not just an Israeli-Palestinian issue. It is a clash of cultures and one we must win. We were attacked on 9/11! War had already been declared on us by numerous previous unanswered attacks. The attack on us wasn’t from a particular country, like Afghanistan, but was from radical Islam. The same Islam that completely rejects everything we stand for like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equality for women, work, and industry. A religion that has only one sure guarantee of heaven, and that is by killing yourself and taking as many infidels as possible in the process. Heaven for men is sex with 72 prepubescent virgins and 28 boys (8-12 year old children). Women share the place where animals go. A religion that teaches deceit. That teaches stealing and killing are much preferred over productive pursuits, that even condones the killing of women and children. A religion that would, if it could, decapitate every unbeliever in the world.The peace movement used to have a saying, “better red than dead.” I never accepted that, just as I now reject Islam as a way of life or of government. Surrender to the enemy could only happen when the U.S. is an Islamic state. As Mark Gabriel, a former Islamic scholar, has stated in his book “Islam and Terrorism,” 60 percent of the Koran was written when Mohammed was in Medina as a temporal ruler and the OWNER of 20 wives. When he wrote 30 percent of the Koran in Mecca and was married to one wife, he and his religion were in the minority. His writings, supposedly from the angel Gabriel, were of tolerance and peace at that time. The Koran contradicts itself between these two periods. There is even a word for it, “niskh” which means in case of contradiction take the latter writing (Medina) as the correct resolution. The Islamic terrorists are the true followers of Islam! There is even a three-step guide for conquering the world:1.) Initially, when in the minority, espouse tolerance and peace (U.S. Moslems now);2.) When 40 percent have been converted, neutralize the remaining 60 percent with terror;3.) When 90 percent become an Islamic state, either convert or exterminate the remaining infidels as is presently happening in the Sudan where over a million Christian infidels are being slaughtered.We have no choice. Islam has already killed millions in the name of Allah. The alternative would be to let them alone long enough to acquire lethal weapons to kill billions and destroy Western civilization. That is not a choice.Mike MasonCedaredge

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