Civil servants work harder than jocks do |

Civil servants work harder than jocks do

Dear Editor:

When I hear about how civil servants (teachers, police, firemen, etc.) are being chastised by some of our citizens for salary issues, I wonder why they are singled out over, for example, football players.

All football players have unions that allow collective bargaining. Why is it not OK for teachers? Teachers often spend more time with our children (our future) than do the parents. Shouldn’t they be able to bargain for a fair and just remuneration for service as football players do?

I hear of attacks on teachers (and other civil servants as well) who work nine months and get three months off, and yet no one says anything about football players who work only five months and get seven months off. And they get paid if they don’t work, are on injured reserve, or are backup, etc. Teachers don’t have trained backups.

Why has our society allowed this disparity to occur? If football players are more important than teachers, then I feel we have said the future does not matter to us.

I am screaming right now because I feel this is so very wrong. I will not allow one sector of our society to voice the lie that civil servants are somehow screwing the rest of us because they only work nine months and get paid more than they are worth. Teachers, police, fireman, etc., are more important to our future well being than any football player!

So I am asking each of you to do what is right and let your voice be heard. Tell them you don’t believe the lie. Tell them you know teachers and firemen are more important and should be paid more than football players.

I am 68 years old and have never worked as a civil servant. However, I have benefited from their services all my life and am grateful every time they have served me. Please talk to people you know and let them know how you feel.

Let us not allow this lie to continue!

T.J. Krest