City wants it both ways |

City wants it both ways

Dear Editor:

It’s ironic that some Aspen City Council members and the mayor decided the plastic-bag fate of all Aspen residents and tourists by banning the bags not too long ago. Carbondale did the same with a public vote, if I remember correctly. I will say I liked the single-use plastic bags because they made great inserts for the bathroom trash and picking up dog droppings.

Local papers have been reporting on the new “non-bear-proof” trash cans in and around Aspen. City parks staff says “public infrastructure is different from a private trash can, primarily since the city empties each of the bins multiple times a day.” This indicates to me that the city is dumping a lot of partially full plastic bags in the landfill on a daily basis.

This is both ironic and hypocritical to me! Tourists have to pay for paper bags, plastic single-use bags are banned, and the city empties half-full plastic bags from non-bear-proof cans “multiple times a day.”

I honestly have no problem taking a reusable bag to the grocery store. I do, however, have a little problem with those who talk the talk and do not walk the walk! But I guess that is the political machine.

And how about all those damn presidential ads bombarding us hundreds of times a day! Fantastic – not really.

John Norman


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