City should support entrepreneurs |

City should support entrepreneurs

Dear Editor:

I would like to inspire and encourage members of the community, City Council and community development to support the immediate revision of the temporary outdoor vending permit code to allow year-long presence with the right and option for renewal.

It is optimistic and productive to support creative entrepreneurial retailers during our town’s economic time of turmoil and high vacancies. This small change in the current code would allow positive “messy vitality” to have time to establish entities that otherwise would be here today, gone tomorrow. Seeing a business for six months, then gone, is not a good message to local consumers or guests who visit regularly.

In the few short months that I have been operating Dark Horse Alley, I have received nothing but kudos and encouragement for retaining the charming, “soul-full” environment I have established in Frank Woods’ otherwise ugly, lifeless passageway that runs between two buildings on Cooper Avenue. Now, others are intrigued and inspired to conjure up ways to make a livelihood while adding charm, diversity and revenue to the city.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Wendy Nanon Smith


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